“ We will keep you on the straight and narrow”

How smoothly a vehicle drives has a significant impact on safety, drive experience, tyre wear and fuel consumption. Alongside correct preparation & performance.

We have the solutions, and we are equipped with state-of-the-art tools to ensure perfect centring and balance, that the wheels run smoothly, and that your vehicle is optimally aligned.

Incorrectly aligned vehicles can cause a variety of problems, some of these include: Increased safety risk                                                                

Increased tire wear and Increased fuel consumption  pulling on one side and swerving back and forth.                          

In order to deal with this problem and avoid increased costs, Commercial Truck & Trailer Alignment Services has partnered with HAWEKA, the leaders in alignment technology, with smart systems that enable correct axle and frame measurements with pre- and post-reports on the alignment condition.

  1. Services:
  • Mobile Truck & Trailer Wheel Alignment
  • On Truck High Speed Balance
  • Repairs
  • Ball Joint Repairs (Injecting Teflon)
  1. Benefits:
  • Increased Tire Life
  • Decreased Fuel Cost
  • Improves Driving Comfort